Why Are Men Choosing Penis Enlargement?

The answer seems obvious, right? Men want to be bigger.

But the truth is, penis size isn’t all about looks and comparison. It’s about inspiring self-esteem, relationship satisfaction, and sexual performance.

Men often associate penis size with masculinity, sexual capabilities, and social approval. When they perceive their penis size as lower than average, this can greatly affect their self-esteem.

  • One study showed over 2 in 3 men wished they had a bigger penis size.
  • Some studies show about 40% of men struggle with erections or ejaculation.
  • Finally, research shows nearly 1 in 3 men deal with premature ejaculation.

And the answer for all of the above can be delivered with penis enlargement.

A Modern Solution for Penis Enlargement

Of course, men don’t want painful, nauseating procedures that cost a few months’ salary. Luckily, expert doctors and practitioners in the industry have developed modern, effective techniques with virtually zero pain and downtime.

The solution? Dermal fillers.

Using safe, proven techniques and safe fillers, doctors can carefully inject dermal penis fillers into the shaft to instantly increase girth. Practitioners often use hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite — organic, biodegradable substances found in the body.

The result? A bigger, thicker, natural-looking penis. Fillers can last 1 – 2 years and increase girth by an average of 2 – 3 cm, or 1 inch.

8 Reasons Men Are Choosing Penis Enlargement (Besides Size)

Some of the leading penis enlargement providers in the industry have noticed a significant rise in procedures in the last few years.

Why is this?

Our modern society is shifting toward a more inclusive culture of acceptance. We know that penis size itself isn’t everything. However, we’re also embracing the benefits of cosmetic and clinical technology for everyone.

The benefits of increasing penis size go beyond looks. It can be an empowering, game-changing experience for many men in and out of the bedroom.

Here are just a few reasons why men are choosing penis enlargement in 2023:

Increased penis size

1. Increased Confidence

Penis enlargement isn’t just a size boost — it’s a confidence boost.

Research shows the majority of men are choosing penis enlargement to support their self-esteem — and several surveys show penis fillers are delivering.

After penis enlargement, many men are reporting newfound confidence. From taking down performance anxiety to defeating “locker room syndrome,” penis fillers have helped countless men restore the self-image they deserve.

Of course, this goes beyond the bedroom.

The way we view ourselves and our bodies greatly affects us. When you’re no longer held back by insecurities, you can show up with more motivation, energy, and optimism in your life. When you’re sure of yourself, the need for comparison grows weaker, and self-esteem grows stronger.

2. Last Longer in Bed

Nearly 1 in 3 men deal with hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation, cutting their time short in the bedroom.

This can lead to dissatisfaction in bed, especially for female partners.

Glans penis enlargement can help solve this problem. Clinical evidence shows that injecting dermal penis fillers into the glans of the penis (the head) may help control hypersensitivity.

The increased size is just a plus. After the quick and painless procedure, men often enjoy improved control and longer sex.

3. Stronger Erections

As men age, weak erections can put limits and frustration around their sex life, affecting self-esteem, satisfaction, and relationships.

At Pollock Clinics, our Enlargement Program utilizes proprietary techniques, like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and penis pumping. As a result, many clients experience stronger erections and increased penis length.

4. Heightened Satisfaction & Pleasure

One study evaluated both the patient’s and their partner’s satisfaction after penis fillers. They found that satisfaction increased significantly, even six months after the procedure.

Thanks to the increase in penis size girth, partners can experience more volume and more sensation.

5. Overall Improved Sex Life

Performance isn’t just about size. Confidence affects performance.

By increasing the length of sex, strengthening erections, boosting pleasure, and building confidence, many men have said penis fillers transformed their sex lives.

6. Support for Penis Size Medical Conditions

In some cases, enlargement can empower men with a condition like Peyronie’s disease or a “micropenis.”

Studies show about 6 in 1,000 men have a micropenis — a penis less than 2.8 inches or 7.1 cm. Peyronie’s disease is another condition caused by scar tissue build-up, often causing penis size and shape to decrease.

Penis fillers can help resolve these issues with care and expertise, instantly increasing girth and penis size.

7. Quick & Painless Procedure

The fear of pain and recovery is one of the biggest reasons men have been weary of penis enlargement in the past.

However, penis fillers resolve this concern by offering a quick, virtually painless solution for enlargement. At Pollock Clinics, penis fillers can be performed in less than an hour. Coined as a “lunchtime procedure,” you can schedule it on your break and drive yourself home!

8. Immediate Results

Some penis enlargement methods don’t show results for months — others don’t offer full recovery for even longer.

One of the main reasons men are choosing penis fillers is due to the immediate results. You’ll walk out the door with results you can see instantly with little to no downtime.

Penis enlargement

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