Glans Augmentation with Filler: How is it Done and What are the Potential Benefits?

Let’s face the stats head-on: nearly 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation.

Hypersensitivity is a common issue among men, causing unwanted disruptions and dissatisfaction. We know that longer intercourse is necessary for mutual satisfaction, especially in female partners.

But we’re here with double the good news: First, clinical research shows injecting dermal fillers into the glans of the penis can help reduce premature ejaculation and hypersensitivity. This is what we call glans augmentation. Second? This solution also gives you a bigger penis.

Truly, a win-win.

What is Glans Augmentation?

One of the safest and most effective ways to perform glans augmentation is to use dermal penis fillers. Glans augmentation with fillers is a quick, non-invasive, and virtually painless procedure used to increase penis size while decreasing hypersensitivity. It’s one of the only procedures available shown to both increase girth size and decrease sensitivity without surgery.

Glans is another term for the head or tip of your penis. This is where you both pre-ejaculate and ejaculate during sex. It’s often the most sensitive part of the penis. Augmentation is another term for increasing in size. As you can see, glans augmentation is simply increasing the girth size of the head of the penis.

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How Does Glans Augmentation Penis Enhancement Work?

Glans augmentation using high-quality filler is a painless procedure with instant results. An experienced clinical doctor will inject hyaluronic acid into the glans. Hyaluronic acid is a common, effective filler used in many other cosmetic procedures.

The doctor will apply local anesthesia to numb the area. Once ready, they’ll insert the filler below the superficial layer of the glans. As a result, you’ll enjoy a bigger penis head and girth.

On the surface, you’re left with an instantly bigger penis and natural-looking results. But underneath, you’re now supported with a natural barrier, thanks to the hyaluronic acid. This decreases the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the area, helping prevent premature ejaculation. Since the glans is often the most sensitive part of the penis, this can help promote longer, more satisfying sex.

Penis Enhancement: What to Expect

The procedure itself can take 30 minutes, with the overall appointment lasting about an hour. As a “lunchtime” procedure, you can book the appointment on your break!

Overall, the procedure is virtually painless. It’s safe and effective. Studies show any complications are rare, and it does not affect fertility. Results often last 1-2 years, and you can walk out the door with results you can see immediately.

What are the Potential Benefits of Glans Augmentation with Filler?

The best way to make your penis bigger is with dermal fillers. It’s a quick, non-invasive and virtually painless procedure that can increase girth and improve your sex life without surgery.

Wondering if penis enhancement is right for you? Here are a few of the key benefits of the quick, painless procedure:

1. Bigger Penis Girth Size

While there are functional benefits of glans augmentation, the cosmetic benefits are just as appealing. Results can vary depending on your goals and current penis size. In general, the procedure can increase girth size by around 10–20%. This can also be combined with a second injection site at the shaft of the penis, giving you a complete boost in size and appearance.

2. Increased Confidence

We’re not here to preach that size is everything. In fact, confidence matters more than size — but size often increases confidence. One survey showed the “ideal” penis size is over 6 inches, when in fact, the average size is just less than 5 inches.

This pressure from society and the media can affect one’s self-esteem and confidence in and out of the bedroom. When you feel confident in your body and performance, you can enjoy more satisfying sex. Some research shows many men find more confidence to try new things in the bedroom.

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3. Enhanced Satisfaction of Sexual Partner

Another win-win: Glans augmentation can increase pleasure for everyone in the bedroom. Studies show about 3 in 4 patients are satisfied with the increased length and satisfaction of sex after penis enhancement.

The increased girth and volume allow you to feel more pressure and your partner to enjoy more of you.

Penis enhancement does not disrupt the quality of erections. In fact, with a bigger penis, you can enjoy an enhanced erection to match it.

4. Longer Intercourse

More time = more pleasure.

As we’ve learned, nearly 1 in 3 men struggle with premature ejaculation. This can become a major disruption in their sex life, confidence, and the satisfaction of their partners. Penis enhancement may help resolve this, providing a natural barrier in the glans to counteract hypersensitivity.

The results? Some studies have shown that the length of intercourse can increase by up to 6x before the procedure.

With more time and volume, the procedure can help increase female orgasms and open up new opportunities, experiences, and adventures in the bedroom.

In Conclusion:

Dermal fillers can be a great solution for men who suffer from premature ejaculation and hypersensitivity. By augmenting the glans of the penis, the sensitivity is reduced and ejaculation can be delayed. This is a great solution for both partners, as it leads to longer and more satisfying intercourse. Additionally, this procedure also results in a bigger penis, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Experience a Bigger, Thicker Version of You

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