Preputioplasty is a surgical procedure performed to widen a tight foreskin.

It is generally done to treat phimosis while preserving the foreskin.

A tight foreskin can be released or treated through either circumcision or preputioplasty.

Circumcision removes the foreskin while preputioplasty releases the tight band on the foreskin.

A foreskin which does not pull back fully can cause recurring infections, tear and be painful.

Preputioplasty allows a boy or man to keep an uncircumcised appearance, but frees the area of tension, thus allowing for full retraction.

The first step is a consultation appointment with our doctor for an assessment of your case.

How Preputioplasty is Performed

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in our clinic. Incisions are made in the foreskin to release the constricting ring of tissue. These are then closed and stitched such that the foreskin has full mobility.

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Before the Preputioplasty Procedure

Before the surgery you (or your son) will have an assessment appointment and the surgery date will be set. At the appointment it is important to ask any questions you might have about the surgery, or questions your child might want to ask.

The doctor will explain the procedure and review potential risks.

Post-Procedure Video

This video shows a preputioplasty patient immediately post-operatively. It demonstrates the foreskin being retracted back and forth which was previously impossible. Sutures will dissolve on their own.
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Potential Risks of Preputioplasty

The procedure will result in some bruising and swelling of the penis which may last a few days. As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of complications such as:

  • Bleeding from the wound site, which is usually minimal.
  • Infection can occur and is usually mild but can be potentially serious.
  • A more serious infection, which may require antibiotics.
  • Tenderness of the scar at the site of your frenulum.
  • Suboptimal cosmetic result.
  • Failure to improve your symptoms which may result in the need for a full circumcision.
  • Recurrence of a tight foreskin due to scarring.

Penile Preputioplasty FAQ

The information below is intended to provide responses to many of the common questions men have about preputioplasty when they contact Pollock Clinics for information or assessment of a tight foreskin.

The benefit is that with preputioplasty you retain the foreskin. Both procedures will remove the tight ring of foreskin and address phimosis. Circumcision has a higher success rate and will entirely remove the foreskin.
Preputioplasty is a treatment option for mild phimosis in boys and men. It’s an option for those who have phimosis but who do not experience frequent inflammation and irritation of foreskin caused by infection (men who do not have fungal balanitis). Preputioplasty is an alternative to circumcision in cases of mild phimosis without balanitis.
Preputioplasty success in treating phimosis depends on the severity of underlying phimosis. For patients with mild phimosis who have mild discomfort when they pull the foreskin back, preputioplasty of the penile foreskin can be successful 70-90% of the time.

Patients with extensive scarring have low success rates with preputioplasty. Men with fibrotic and scarred foreskin are advised to have a circumcision, and the success rate of circumcision for treatment of adult male phimosis approaches 100%.

Fungal balanitis is caused by the moist environment within the foreskin. Preputioplasty does not treat the underlying problem and will not prevent the recurrence of balanitis. Balanitis is especially prevalent in diabetic men. Men with fungal balanitis are advised to consider circumcision.

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Our Approach

At Pollock Clinics, we are familiar with several different techniques being used around the world so that we can provide optimal results for patients.

The method generally applied to preputioplasty at our clinic is Y-V preputioplasty.

Regardless of your anatomy, our goal is to provide the optimal aesthetic and functional result.

Recovery using our technique takes only a few weeks.

Procedures are performed under long lasting local anaesthetic.

Patient Instructions Before Preputioplasty

  • For one week prior to your procedure, do not take any Aspirin or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Naproxen, or Diclofenac.
  • Two days prior to your appointment, please call our office to confirm your preputioplasty procedure at 604-717-6200.
  • Please avoid any alcohol the day before the procedure.
  • On the day of your surgery, eat before your procedure, a normal breakfast or lunch to avoid becoming lightheaded. Take 2 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol just before leaving your home.
  • You are asked to come 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You are welcome to drive yourself to the office and back home unless you have a history of easy fainting.
  • Our staff will usher you into one of our surgical rooms and the doctor will administer the local anesthetic. It is then time for your procedure.

Patient Instructions After Preputioplasty

  • You will have some swelling and bruising of the penis which may last several days.
  • You may take acetaminophen 1000 mg plus ibuprofen 400 mg 3 times a day for 5 days for optimal pain control.
  • There may be a small amount of bleeding at the surgical site. This is normal and will stop in a few days. If it does not, call our office or emergency number provided.
  • Keep the area dry for 72 hours. You can shower after 72 hours.
  • Do not swim or exercise for two weeks.
  • You may return to office work the next day, but your work requires a lot of activity and you should take 2-3 days off.
  • Retract your foreskin every day, starting 3 days after the procedure.
  • We recommend no sexual activity for about 5-6 weeks or until the sutures come out completely.

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