Patient Instructions

  1. Please review the entire vasectomy section of the website so you are confident and informed about your decision.
  2. Please ensure you have a family physician referral to one of our doctors then register online or book an in-office consultation. Dr. Chang conducts most of our initial consultations to ensure you are a candidate and to go over any questions you might have.
  3. Please review the “Benefits of Our Approach” section so you know how we operate and what sets us apart from other providers.
  4. Please review the section on “Vasectomy Pricing” to understand why it is strongly recommended that you choose the Premium Service Package and why most men choose it.
  5. Please review the section “After Vasectomy” so you know what to expect after your procedure.
  6. For one week prior to your surgery date, do not take any Aspirin, Anticoagulants (warfarin) or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or Diclofenac. These medications will thin your blood.
  7. Two business days prior to your appointment, please call our office to confirm your vasectomy at 604-717-6210.
  8. Please avoid any alcohol 2 days before and after the procedure.
  9. Please shave the underside of the penis and front wall of the scrotum the day before the procedure to save time. If you are not comfortable, we will shave for you.
  10. On the day of your surgery eat before your procedure (a normal breakfast or lunch) as those who don’t are more likely to become lightheaded.
  11. Take 2 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol (it will be included in your Premium Package) when you arrive in our office.
  12. Please arrive 15 minutes before for your appointment. You may drive yourself to and from the clinic after your procedure, although you may choose to have a driver if that makes you more comfortable, especially if you have a history of easy fainting.
  13. Wear light clothing because it will be warm in the room and wear clothes you won’t mind getting some iodine on.
  14. When you are in one of the surgical rooms, you will not required to fully undress; you just need to lower your pants, lie back on the table and relax. One of our staff with place an elastic band or “lasso” around your penis to bring it out of the operative field, wash the scrotal area with iodine solution, and place surgical towels on your body.
  15. You are now ready for your vasectomy. One of our doctors will start by administering the anesthetic. With the Premium Package, you will receive the no-needle anesthetic which feels like a flick of a rubber band and the freezing works instantly. This is how we manage to get your procedure done in 10 minutes or less and also significantly reduces the risk of injury to blood vessels in your scrotum.
  16. You are welcome to bring and listen to any music/podcast or watch any programming or play any games on your mobile device during the procedure.
  17. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss with the doctor during your procedure.