Circumcision revision is a surgical procedure that addresses undesirable outcomes from a patient’s original circumcision.

At Pollock Clinics, the circumcision revision procedure can be done under local anesthetic right in our clinic, often without stitches using skin glue closure.

The first step is a consultation with our doctor. Based on an assessment of the current circumcision we will recommend a revision procedure if appropriate.

You can request a consultation appointment online or call us to schedule a consultation at 604-717-6200.

Appointments are generally available with very little wait time.

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What is Circumcision Revision?

Circumcision revision is a corrective procedure we offer at our Vancouver clinic locations.

Among other things, circumcision revision can be a responses to what is called an “incomplete circumcision.”

When too little foreskin is removed during the initial circumcision, the appearance of the penis is affected.

The majority of circumcisions are performed without complication.

However, if you have concerns about foreskin remaining on the penis after circumcision, it’s recommended the condition be assessed and addressed as soon possible.

If untreated, the issue can develop into medical problems and the excess foreskin left on the penis will minimize the benefits circumcision offers.

Pollock Clinics provides circumcision revisions for males of all ages, from infants to adults. We’re equipped to serve patients who may desire or require circumcision revision with minimal stress or discomfort.

Request a consultation appointment online or call us for a consultation to discuss your situation.

Circumcision revision is a relatively simple procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

Reasons for Circumcision Revision

Typically, circumcision revision is related to cosmetic concerns from the original procedure. The appearance of the penis is often of concern for parents with religious or cultural motivations. The medical benefits of a complete circumcision, such as a reduction in urinary tract infections, lower STD risk, etc., may also be affected.

In the case of neonatal circumcision, it’s suggested that any issues from the original procedure be addressed as soon as possible. In older boys and men it’s never too late to correct an issue with an imperfect circumcision.

Not Enough Foreskin Removed

When not enough of the foreskin is removed during the original circumcision, it results in a condition known as redundant foreskin. It is also considered the outcome of an “incomplete circumcision.” When the penis is flaccid, the foreskin will still cover the glans, so the organ appears as if it is uncircumcised.

For families who chose circumcision this defeats the purpose of the original procedure. Plus, though the foreskin is not entirely removed, it is shortened. This can lead to discomfort, rubbing and a build up of scar tissue, with a heightened risk of phimosis as your child grows.

Some parents assume as their child develops physically, the problem will resolve itself. Unfortunately, this is not case. It is highly recommended that this issue be addressed as soon as possible. Pollock Clinics is here to help.

Too Much Foreskin Removed

This is a very rare occurrence in North American circumcision procedures, though first time parents may harbor worries. Both Dr. Pollock and Dr. Chang have years of experience to call upon, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.  If you need to correct a procedure done elsewhere, we’re here to help with the circumcision revision.

When you need a medical opinion on circumcision revision, you can book a consultation with Dr. Pollock or Dr. Chang. Contact us at 604-717-6200.

Circumcision revision can be difficult topics for some parents to discuss. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. We’re committed to our patients’ well-being – before, during and after any procedure we perform, including a circumcision revision.

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Circumcision Revision for Infants

Circumcision revision to remove excess foreskin is a relatively simple procedure performed in our clinic under local anaesthesia.

Many babies sleep right through the procedure. The surgical rooms are warm and soothing, with sugar pacifiers on hand if needed.  Parents are always welcome to stay with their child if they so choose.

Circumcision Revision for Boys and Men

We would always recommend that circumcision revision be done as soon as possible after the original procedure. But sometimes that isn’t optional or issues arise later in life.

We offer circumcision revision for men and boys of all ages.

Pollock Clinics provides both circumcision and revision procedures to males of all ages, so we are well equipped to address issues relating to cosmetic or medical concerns from a circumcision performed elsewhere.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Patients seeking a circumcision revision request a revision consultation appointment online.

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