How much will a circumcision cost?

The price for a circumcision at our Vancouver clinics will be determined primarily by the patient’s age.

To get the precise cost of a circumcision for your son, or for yourself, please use the Cost Confirmation request form.

Please call us during clinic hours at 604-717-6200 for a quick reply for pricing and appointment availability.

Pricing for infant circumcision is below.

Circumcision Pricing

Circumcision Pricing for Baby and Newborns

The price for baby and newborn circumcision under 2 months of age is $545.

The age is based upon your son’s actual date of birth.

Occasionally we get inquiries regarding premature babies; due to physiological and anatomical nuances we need to prepare for we must go by the day your son was born and not his estimated due date.

Confirm Costs

Circumcision Pricing for Older Boys and Teens

For infants 2 months of age and older, and on up to adults, the fee increases proportionally with the patient’s age.

If this applies to you or your son, please call our office for more information.

You can also find more detail on circumcision for boys and teens on the dedicated page on this site.

Adult Circumcision Pricing

For a pricing confirmation for an adult circumcision procedure please use the circumcision cost confirmation form.

To learn more about getting circumcised at an older age please visit the dedicated Adult Circumcision page on this site to see more information on our virtually painless methods for adult circumcision under local anesthesia only.

Circumcision procedures performed at our clinic appears to fulfill the requirements of our Muslim clients for Khitan or Khatna.

Common Questions

How should we prepare for the procedure?

We will speak with you before your appointment to confirm the details on how to prepare for the circumcision.

For infants we recommend feeding your son before coming in for the procedure, and bringing along extra diapers.

The preparations will be reviewed with you in detail, and you can ready more about the steps before your boy’s circumcision on the Infant Circumcision page.

For older boys and adults you can find more detail on the dedicated site pages.

What circumcision method is used at your clinic?

We use the Pollock Technique™, proven effective in over 50,000 procedures in our BC clinics.

The Shang Ring technique is also employed in older clients when our doctors judge that method to be appropriate.

We use these techniques because they provide a quick and virtually painless experience, with a high-level of the patient satisfaction and low complication rates.

We are offering circumcision for all ages using the same safe techniques.

For children, adolescent and adult circumcision please contact us today.

What are the potential benefits of circumcision?

Circumcision has been the topic of debate for many decades. Research and scientific studies indicate that there are a number of medical benefits that result from this procedure.

Circumcision benefits include a reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including:
Additional health benefits of circumcision include the following:
Because studies have indicated a link between circumcisions and improved health and lower incidence of serious, sometimes deadly diseases, demand for infant circumcision has increased.

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