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Considering Vasectomy or Already Registered?

Please watch our must-see videos below if you are considering vasectomy or if you are already booked.


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No-Scalpel, No-Needle, One-Puncture, Minimally-Invasive, Gentle Touch Approach

Pollock Clinics uses an innovative method for your vasectomy procedure that is minimally invasive and designed to help reduce discomfort during the procedure and in the recovery period afterwards.  Most men can return to work within a day – men with more strenuous physical work may need a little longer.  The No-Scalpel No-Needle technique eliminates the need for multiple incisions, working instead from one small puncture.

Safe and Effective Family Planning

More and more men are recognising the value of vasectomy for managing the size of their families. The procedure is much simpler than a tubal litigation for your spouse or partner.  Vasectomy is a safe and responsible way to plan for your family’s future.


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