Shockwave Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is usually the result of poor circulation to the penis.

ED Shockwave Therapy is an innovative medical treatment that uses low intensity sound waves to treat the vascular cause of erectile dysfunction, and not just its symptoms.

Shockwave therapy has been successfully tested and regularly used in various areas of medicine including Orthopedics, Aesthetic Medicine, and Sports Medicine. There are numerous scientific studies that show shockwave therapy can potentially improve local revascularization (regeneration of blood vessels and enhanced blood flow) on a variety of body parts, including the penis.

The aim of ED shockwave therapy (EDSWT) is to trigger regeneration of blood vessel in the penile shaft to support stronger, longer, and more satisfying erection. EDSWT is currently considered an investigational treatment modality for ED according to a 2018 erectile dysfunction guideline from the American Urological Association.

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How ED Shockwave Therapy Works

Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDSWT) is generally a painless treatment that can potentially help men regain sexual desire and satisfaction.

EDSWT could be a viable option for you if:

  • You are willing to be less dependent on taking medications to have sex
  • You have experienced undesirable side effects of drugs or other treatments
  • You have not achieved satisfactory results with other ED treatments
  • You have health conditions that limit your options for treatment
  • You wish to have harder, longer lasting erections

The energy pulses in EDSWT are similar to sound waves. There’s usually no discomfort during or after the procedure.

Targeted ED Treatment in Vancouver

Inside the penis is an area called the corpora cavernosa, containing two arteries. An erection occurs when they are filled with blood that’s held in place until ejaculation or orgasm is achieved.

When there is insufficient blood flow, the penis remains flaccid. EDSWT directs energy waves, (extra corporeal shockwaves are the clinical term) with the goal to improve blood flow to the penis.

The successful use of extra corporeal shockwaves has been documented in many fields of healthcare, including physiotherapy, urology and pain management.

The waves are targeted to the area of the body where blood flow has been constrained. The procedure is safe for men with heart disease, unlike some erectile dysfunction medications.

The benefits of EDSWT include:

  • Generally painless and low risk treatment
  • No known extra major risk to men with complicated health conditions
  • No recovery period

EDSWT takes under a half hour and you can return to sexual activity the same day.

What to Expect at Treatment

Men receive their treatment at our New Westminster clinic. It’s delivered with a medical device that directs the energy waves to affected areas. Patients are asked to remove their clothing below the waist.

Our doctor or technician will move a wand over the base and shaft of the penis, focusing energy waves on the arteries in the corpora cavernosa.

Patients usually do not experience significant pain or discomfort during the treatment. Some may feel tingling afterwards – like you might after your hand or foot falls asleep.

There are no reports that show major risks or complications of shockwave treatment of the penis.

EDSWT takes under a half hour, making the appointment easy to schedule for working men. There is no downtime or recovery period and you can return to sexual activity immediately.

Typically, a full treatment schedule involves 12 visits to Pollock Clinics over the course of a few weeks.

Goals of Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy helps improve the volume of blood flow into tissue with the goals of helping you achieve harder, longer-lasting erections.

Other treatments for ED, including pills only address the symptoms of the condition, and require significant planning and timing.

Shockwave therapy is an option that treats a physiological cause and requires no planning, pills, surgery, implants, and is non-invasive.

The ultimate goal of shockwave is to help you restore intimacy with your partner.

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