Shockwave Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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ED Shock Wave therapy is an innovative medical treatment that addresses the cause of erectile dysfunction, not just its symptoms. Erectile dysfunction is the result of poor blood flow to the penis. It is also called impotence and affects over 40% of men over 40.

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy emits low-intensity waves – like sound waves – that reopen veins and stimulate blood flow to the penis. The result is erection in response to arousal, without medications or devices.

Shockwave therapy has been successfully tested and regularly used in various areas of medicine including Cardiology, Orthopedics, Aesthetic Medicine, and Sports Medicine. There are numerous scientific studies that show the potential benefits in local revascularization of the affected organ. The aim of EDSWT is to trigger regeneration of blood vessel in the penile shaft to support stronger, longer, and more satisfying erection

How ED Shock Wave Therapy Works

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) is painless and effective in helping men regain sexual desire and satisfaction. The therapy does what PDES inhibitors do without the risk of side effects or complications.

For many men who have been unsuccessful with other impotence treatments or who have health conditions that limit their options, EDSWT is an opportunity to regain sexual function and satisfaction without medications and all of the associated potential negative side effects.

The technology behind ED Shock Wave Therapy is also used in cardiology to increase blood flow to the heart as well as in orthopedics and sports medicine to support joint healing. Men with ED can now benefit from this safe and proven treatment.

The energy pulses in EDSWT are similar to sound waves. There’s no discomfort during or after the procedure. The waves open blood vessels without any pain or sensation of electric shock.


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Targeted ED Treatment in Vancouver

Inside the penis is an area called the corpora cavernosa, containing two arteries. An erection occurs when they are filled with blood that’s held in place until ejaculation or orgasm.

When there is insufficient blood flow, the penis remains flaccid. EDSWT directs energy waves, (extra corporeal shockwaves are the clinical term) that reopen blood vessels for men with ED.

The result is spontaneous erection in response to becoming aroused. No planning ahead to ensure sexual performance. EDSWT allows men to enjoy sex naturally as desire arises.

The successful use of extra corporeal shockwaves is highly documented in many fields of medicine, including cardiology, physiotherapy, urology and pain management.

The waves are targeted to the area of the body where blood flow has been constrained. The procedure is safe enough for men with heart disease, unlike the risk factors associated with some erection pills.

EDSWT offers the same benefits of medications but without the health risks or limitations of a time frame. No four-hour window to perform. Natural sexual capability is restored.

What to Expect at Treatment

Men receive their treatment at our Vancouver clinic. It’s delivered with a medical device that directs the energy waves to affected areas. Patients are asked to remove their clothing below the waist.

Our doctor or technician will move a wand over the base and shaft of the penis, focusing energy waves on the arteries in the corpora cavernosa. The pulses open the arteries and stimulate the surrounding tissue.

Men will feel nothing during the treatment – no pain, no discomfort. Many are surprised to be told the procedure is complete. Some may feel tingling afterwards due to the increased blood flow – like you might after your hand or foot falls sleep.

EDSWT takes under a half hour, making the appointment easy to schedule for working men. There is no downtime or recovery period – just the return to healthy sexual function.

Men typically see results from the treatment within two weeks. There are no risks or complications to worry about, no prescriptions to fill.

Erection occurs naturally and the opportunity for orgasm revived.

The benefits from treatment typically last up to a year.

Benefits of the Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy

The benefits for men are clearly the ability to achieve erection that can be maintained during sexual intercourse. EDSWT affects more than the body – healthy sexual function contributes to emotional well-being and self-confidence.

Intimate relationships can suffer because of impotence. When worries over performance are removed, both a man and his partner benefit.

The biggest benefit of EDSWT is the return to a natural arousal response, and there are no known side effects to procedure, unlike with medications.

For men with health conditions that prohibit using the pills, EDSWT is a welcome opportunity to over come impotence without risk. Health conditions typically increase as we age, but EDSWT is appropriate treatment for men of any age.

The benefits of EDSWT include:

  • Regain spontaneous response to sexual arousal
  • No pills or pre-planning required
  • Painless and proven to increase blood flow
  • Safe, effective and private treatment
  • No risk to men with health conditions
  • No recovery period or known side effects
  • Improved sexual function can last up to year

erectile dysfunction treatment in vancouver with shockwaves

Vancouver ED Treatment FAQ

No, not at all. It’s more like a sound wave than an electric shock wave. Men feel nothing during the procedure. The only after effect may be a temporary tingling due to increased blood flow.
Yes. This procedure appropriates technology that is well proven in other fields of medicine, including cardiology. It’s painless, requires no post treatment recovery period and has no known side effects or complications.
You can expect to be in and out of the office in an hour. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes.
Though it can vary, men with ED will typically regain healthy sexual function within two weeks. Spontaneous erection will occur in response arousal.
Typically, more than one round of treatment is recommended. The doctor will discuss the best protocol based on your condition to set a schedule for your treatment.
Most men will be able to achieve and maintain erection for about year. Because EDSWT is safe and risk free, men can receive additional treatments any time they’re needed.


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