A frenulectomy is a procedure that can alleviate the pain often associated with a tight band of tissue between a penis’ shaft and the glans on its underside. A tight frenulum can exist in both circumcised and uncircumcised men and can create a restriction that is susceptible to micro-trauma, causing bleeding and painful erections.

The procedure involves the removal of the restricting tissue for increased range of motion in the penile skin and enhanced sexual enjoyment. At Pollock Clinics, the procedure (done in under 20 minutes) is performed using a long-acting local anesthetic and generally results in instant relief with a very brief recovery period.

The frenulum of the penis is a piece of tissue that connect the foreskin to the head of the penis and the shaft of the penis. It is located underneath the penis. When the frenulum is tight or short, this is called a frenulum breve…  Read More
We perform frenulectomy under long-acting local anesthesia and those men who have undergone this procedure usually describe it as virtually painless… Read More
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