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Tight frenulum causing curvature with erections tearPenile frenulectomy and frenuloplasty are procedures that can alleviate the pain associated with a tight band of tissue connecting the glans to the shaft of the penis on its underside. When the frenulum is tight or short this is called a frenulum breve.

A tight frenulum can exist in both circumcised and uncircumcised men and can create a restriction that is susceptible to micro-trauma, causing bleeding and painful erections.

The procedure involves the removal of the restricting tissue for increased range of motion in the penile skin and enhanced sexual enjoyment.

At Pollock Clinics, the procedure (done in under 20 minutes) is performed using a long-acting local anesthetic and generally results in relief with a very brief recovery period.

Tight Frenulum – A Cause of Penile Pain and Bleeding During Sex

Tight frenulum under penis frenuloplastyThe frenulum of the penis is a band of tissue located underneath the penis.

When the frenulum is tight or short, this is called a frenulum breve.

This can result in tension on the frenulum during erections, which can rip and tear during vigorous activities such as sex, causing pain and bleeding which in turn causes many men to lose their erections.

Some men go through their entire lives suffering from pain and bleeding unaware that there is a cure.

The degree of tightness and thickness of the frenulum varies from men to men.

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Can the Problems Associated With A Short Frenulum Get Better By Themselves?

No, unfortunately a short frenulum generally does not get better on its own.

Some physicians suggest stretching exercises but the frenulum is a rather tough tissue that is not easily stretched.

A frenulectomy is usually necessary to release the tight band of tissue creating painful downward traction on the glans.

What is the Treatment for a Short Frenulum?

A frenulectomy is a specialized technique that treats this condition by removing the tight restriction, allowing increased penile skin range of motion. It is done under local anesthesia in one of our clinics and takes only about 20 minutes to perform.The goal of the procedure is functional so that the tight frenulum is released, allowing improved sexual pleasure without fear of pain or bleeding.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Please contact us directly to schedule an appointment. You can use the form, or just call our office and we will book an appointment for you with our doctor for an assessment. After the initial appointment we will book your frenulectomy procedure if that is what is recommended.

Common Questions

Is a frenulectomy painful?

We perform frenulectomy under long-acting local anesthesia and those men who have undergone this procedure usually describe it as virtually painless.

What are the risks of the procedure?

Swelling and bruising at the site of the procedure 1/100
Infection requiring antibiotics 1/500
Bleeding (usually mild) 1/100
Scarring at the site of the operation 1/100
Meatal stenosis due to injury to the frenular artery requiring a meatotomy (rare)1/500
Suboptimal cosmetic or functional effect requiring a second procedure.1:100
Chronic pain at the site of the surgery 1:500
Vasovagal reaction causing lightheadedness after the procedure. 1/200

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery from penile frenulectomy is fairly fast and painless. Most men do not require additional pain medications after the procedure and are able to return to office work the next day.

If your work requires heavy or physical activity, you will need a few days off.

After frenulectomy, when can I have sex again?

We generally recommend no sex for at least 5-6 weeks to allow the surgical site to heal optimally and sutures, if required at the time of the procedure, to dissolve.

How will this affect my sex life?

After a frenulectomy, because the tight band is released, sex becomes more pleasurable due to less pain and worry from tearing and bleeding.

If I am uncircumcised, how will frenulectomy affect my foreskin?

Frenulectomy does not affect your foreskin and you will remain uncircumcised. Because frenulectomy only involves releasing the tight band of tissue underneath the penis where it attaches to your foreskin, your foreskin will be preserved. If you are interested in circumcision, please refer to our website for more information.

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Our Approach

At Pollock Clinics, we are familiar with several different techniques being used around the world so that we can provide optimal results for patients.

Depending on the size and shape of your frenulum, we may employ a scalpel or bipolar diathermy to release it.

Once the frenulum is released, we will then assess whether dissolvable stitches will be necessary to approximate the incision.

Regardless of your anatomy, our goal is to provide the optimal aesthetic and functional result.

Recovery using our technique takes only a few weeks.

Procedures are performed under long lasting local anaesthetic.

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Patient Instructions Before Frenulectomy or Frenuloplasty

  1. Please review the entire frenulectomy section of the website so you are confident and informed about your decision.
  2. Please review the “After Frenulectomy” section so you know what to expect.
  3. For one week prior to your proedure, do not take any Aspirin or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Naproxen, or Diclofenac.
  4. Two days prior to your appointment, please call our office to confirm your frenulectomy procedure at 604-717-6200.
  5. Please avoid any alcohol the day before the procedure.
  6. On the day of your surgery, eat before your procedure, a normal breakfast or lunch to avoid becoming lightheaded. Take 2 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol just before leaving your home.
  7. You are asked to come 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You are welcome to drive yourself to the office and back home unless you have a history of easy fainting.
  8. Our staff will usher you into one of our surgical rooms and the one of our doctors will administer the local anesthetic. It is then time for your procedure.

Patient Instructions After Frenulectomy or Frenuloplasty

  1. Most men do not require any additional pain medication after the procedure but you may take up to 2 extra-strength Tylenol tablets every 6 hours as needed for pain control. After 48 hours, you should take Ibuprofen 400mg every 6 hours as needed for pain control if needed.
  2. There may be a small amount of bleeding at the surgical site. This is normal and will stop in a few days. If it does not call our office or emergency number.
  3. Continue applying antibiotic ointment at the site for 1 week.
  4. You may return to office work the next day but if your work requires a lot of activity you should take 2-3 days off.
  5. We recommend no sexual activity for about 5-6 weeks or until the sutures come out completely.
  6. Patients who are traveling more than 3-4 hours away may want to stay at a local hotel overnight.

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