How much does a vasectomy cost?

The BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers the basic costs of a vasectomy but not the additional fees which we strongly feel are needed to make your vasectomy experience as safe, comfortable and convenient as it needs to be. To this end, we have prepared an optional but strongly recommended Premium Safety, Comfort and Convenience Package for a fee of $299. This is a one-time fee for a once-in-a-lifetime procedure which has been successful in helping over 25,000 men successfully achieve sterility in the safest, most comfortable and most convenient way. It is well known that the cost of other contraceptive methods, such as birth control pills, IUDs, or condoms etc., are significantly greater over time, which is why virtually all men choose the Premium Package.



  • Online registration form reviewed prior to your visit so you do not need to come in for an in-office consultation.
  • All post surgical supplies that you will need after your vasectomy provided for you so you won’t need to go from store to store to buy them as your time is valuable.
  • No-needle anesthetic scientifically proven to improve your comfort, reduce your anxiety, reduce your risk of puncturing a blood vessel during the freezing of your scrotum and reduce the time of surgery.
  • All follow ups and semen test results discussed with you by telephone to ensure easy and prompt follow up at your convenience, condensing your entire procedure with us into just one single visit.
  • Skin glue (Glustitch) specially formulated by our clinic used to immediately stop skin bleeding, close the wound to reduce infection and promote faster healing so you can get back to activities sooner.
  • Your online booking fee of $55 (which is not covered by MSP)will be waived.
  • Lifetime unlimited 24/7 personalized access to our physician’s personal cell phone for peace of mind whenever you need, wherever you are.


Why do clients choose the Premium Safety, Comfort and Convenience Service?

For something that is so life-changing and sometimes frightening for men, we want to provide the safest, most convenient and most comfortable way of getting it done. To that end, we have prepared a Premium Safety, Comfort and Convenience Package to address the biggest worries and greatest inconveniences our patients have.

A couple of reasons why this is strongly recommended:

First of all, the vast majority of men do not like needles or sharp objects of any size…especially down there! With the No-Needle freezing, we eliminate the need for using a sharp needle for freezing the scrotum by using a specialized spray applicator that we acquired from the US which is not covered by MSP. This device uses air pressure to spray a fine stream of anesthetic (0.1 cc/injection) through the skin instead of a needle, freezing both the skin and vas deferens at the same time. With this method, no sharp object enters the scrotum risking vessel injury (see diagram below). No-needle freezing has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of hematoma, post-operative bleeding and post-operative pain. Most patients also find that it reduces their anxiety and report less pain during the freezing. As there is less bleeding during the procedure, it also reduces the procedure duration.

vasectomy cost vancouver bc

See our colleague Dr. Pfenninger’s TV interview regarding the benefits of No-Needle Anesthesia: (can only be viewed on certain desktop browsers)

The graph below demonstrates how jet injector anesthesia (no needle freezing using air pressure device) is more effective and safer than needle injection.
no-needle vasectomy preferred

J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci./eISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN- 2278-4748/ Vol. 6/ Issue 21/ Mar. 13, 2017

Secondly, all the supplies that you need to purchase after your surgery are pre-bought, pre-packed and given to you the day of your surgery. This saves you the hassle of running around to different stores to buy them at retail price after your surgery, which you will otherwise need to do.

Thirdly, all your in-office consultation and follow up visits will be eliminated. Your registration form will be reviewed before you come in and you will be contacted the day before your procedure, and then all your follow up visits will be done by telephone instead. This means one single-visit. We all live busy lives and it is especially challenging to make and keep appointments for things you are not thrilled to have done. Rather than coming back to the office multiple times and having to deal with the time lost from work, driving, parking, gas, waiting in our very busy office, our doctors being behind schedule etc., our staff will conduct your follow ups as well as discuss your semen test results down the road by telephone instead.

Dr. Chang and Dr. Pollock will also offer you their personal phone numbers to provide lifetime unlimited aftercare after your procedure. No matter when or where, Dr. Chang and Dr. Pollock will be able to manage most of your concerns by telephone and address any concerns you may have. The fee enables us to provide this level of service and cover our costs as MSP only remunerates us for in-office visits.

Fourthly, we also use a cyanoacrylate adhesive skin glue that our clinic has formulated that allows us to close the wound and seal it immediately, which stops the skin from bleeding, can help reduce the risk of infection, and promotes wound healing instead of leaving it open and exposed.

With the Premium Safety, Comfort and Convenience Package, your $55 online booking fee (which is not covered by MSP) will be waived.