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Non-Surgical Penile Enlargement Using Dermal Fillers

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Dermal filler injections are a safe, non-invasive and virtually painless method of penis enlargement offered at Pollock Clinics.

How Do Dermal Penis Filler Injections Help Smaller Men?

Dermal penis filler injections using products already proven to enhance cheeks and chins such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or both, can be used to increase the thickness (girth) of both the erect and flaccid penis. Men prefer it because results are instantly noticeable.

It thus helps restore their confidence levels and create a more symmetrical appearance.

The effects are long-lasting, as the dermal filler will be naturally dissolved by the body over one to two years or even longer.

What To Expect During The Procedure

The treatment is rapid, effective, and virtually painless. During the procedure, the dermal filler is injected directly into the penile shaft. At Pollock Clinics, we typically use two small injection sites with a microcannula, offering enhanced safety over multiple sharp needle injections and much less trauma.

In one to two weeks, the filler will naturally integrate into the tissue of the penis, revealing smooth results without any lumps or bumps. The patient can expect to see a 10% to 20% increase in thickness and flacid penis length.

For the shaft, the filler is injected deeper using our proprietary technique for a firmer, smoother, more natural result.

In order to maintain proportion and symmetry, we offer injection of dermal penis filler into the glans as well, which can further enhance contact stimulation in female partners, and in some cases for male partners.

Based on our consultation, we will recommend the best filler for you and discuss how much and where to place it.

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Potential Benefits of Penis Enlargement With Dermal Fillers

In addition to the potential for penis growth, there are expected benefits for male sexual performance and satisfaction to be gained from dermal filler injections offered at Pollock Clinics:
Penis head enlargement for better sex in Vancouver

Increase Your Confidence with Our Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Enlargement with Dermal Fillers

Am I a good candidate for enlargement therapy?

If you are frustrated with a penis you feel is not living up to your standards? If that is the case, penis enlargement may help you feel more confident. However, many men who are seeking solutions for small penis size often have a distorted view of what they actually have. Therefore, your perception of size and realistic expectations of penis enhancement should be discussed during an initial consultation.

Your private, confidential consultation will allow you to share concerns and questions, then consider the entire process before deciding. The risks and benefits of penis enlargement will be detailed for you. Your physician will also let you know what you can achieve realistically. Each person is unique, and your physical exam will help determine what your personal needs and options are for penis enlargement.

If you are just going through a difficult relationship or life situation and you are hoping that a penis enlargement will be the solution to any emotional suffering you are experiencing, you are likely not a good candidate. You should seek counselling first before considering a penis enlargement.

What kind of filler will I get?

We use a proprietary blend of filler that consists of either hyaluronic acid, calcium hydoxylapatite, or a blend of both. In most cases, these fillers are dissolvable, and the procedure is reversible.

How much filler will I need and when will I see results?

There is significant variation from patient to patient. The amount of girth gained depends on the length of the penis and the amount of filler injected. A shorter penis will require less filler, and conversely, a longer penis will require more filler.

The safest and most effective approach is to add girth cumulatively, in manageable steps and with repeat visits, rather than an ‘all in one go’ approach. As the recovery time is quite short, it is not a major inconvenience to have a small amount of additional filler on a subsequent visit should that be desired.

Patients can see results instantly.

How long do penile fillers last?

The duration of the results varies from one to two years. Patients will need to repeat the treatment again (usually with less filler) to maintain their increased penis size. Supplementation of collagen has been thought to promote longer longevity of fillers and may be considered in your nutritional regimen.

How long will the treatment take?

The procedure can take less than an hour door to door. You can leave the clinic by driving yourself home.

How long is the recovery period?

Most men return to work or school the next day. There may be some mild bruising that can last up to a week after the procedure. Sex and masturbation can be resumed after 2 weeks, but ideally 4 weeks to prevent filler migration.

What if I live out of town?

We routinely receive requests for consultation from men by Zoom or telehealth. The initial consult may be done in advance for all out-of-town clients.

Depending on your treatment plan and which treatments you wish to have, the procedure is then performed in under an hour on average in our own surgical clinic, which allows us to keep wait times short.

Patients can return to normal activities immediately afterwards. If you need recommendations on accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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