Vasectomy Clinic for Men in Williams Lake

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Considering vasectomy in Williams Lake, BC? Choose world-class expertise at Pollock Clinics in New Westminster or Vancouver!

Pollock Clinics offers no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy for men from all over the province of British Columbia. Due to our leading expertise and virtually painless procedure men travel to our New Westminster and Vancouver clinic locations from all over the province, including an important number of patients from Williams Lake, BC.

Our physicians travel all over the world to provide expertise in vasectomy procedures. They’re proud to offer world-class care to their local community including Interior Health.

Williams Lake, BC – Travel time to our vasectomy clinic

Travel time from Williams Lake, BC varies based on the time of day and traffic but is generally a 1-2 hour flight or a 5 hour drive. When you want the most experienced clinic in all of BC for a no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy, come to the Pollock Clinics.  See an experienced physician for world-class care – you do this just once in your life!

No-scalpel vasectomy in Williams Lake, BC: Get the right information  and chose Pollock Clinics for your vasectomy!

We have encountered many men who were considering  vasectomy who became frustrated with little helpful information about the procedure or had to wait a long time for the procedure or did not want to deal with the need to have follow up appointments. We have put in a lot of effort into education men about vasectomy through out website so that informed decisions can be made.

Don’t want to travel? Our private vasectomy service is designed for comfort and convenience. Call for your appointment at 604-717-6200.

Pollock Clinics will make your vasectomy procedure and post surgical care as simple and easy as possible. It includes a no-scalpel opening, no-needle anesthesia, skin glue wound closure, consultation by telephone before your procedure and all follow ups by telephone, including your semen test results. At Pollock Clinics, we are also experts in the open-ended vasectomy technique which reduces the risk of post vasectomy pain.

Consider the multiple visits many other physicians require in order to get a vasectomy:

  1. Schedule first preoperative appointment
  2. Schedule second appointment for vasectomy (if you even go back)
  3. Schedule third appointment for a follow-up visit
  4. Schedule fourth appointment for the after vasectomy semen sample testing

Why do Williams Lake, BC clients choose Pollock Clinics?

Most men from Williams Lake choose a private vasectomy procedure with us because they feel that it is a small price to pay for the improved safety, comfort, and convenience that it provides. You do this once in your life!

The private vasectomy procedure includes:

  • No-Needle Anesthetic to improve your comfort, reduce your anxiety, and reduce your risk of puncturing a blood vessel during the freezing
  • All follow ups and semen test results discussed with you by telephone to ensure easy and prompt follow up at your convenience
  • 1 year unlimited 24/7 personalized access to our physician’s personal cell phone for peace of mind whenever you need wherever you are
  • Skin glue (Glustitch) specially formulated by our clinic used to immediately stop skin bleeding, close the wound to reduce infection and promote faster healing so you can get back to activities sooner

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Vasectomy in Williams Lake, BC? Come on over to New Westminster or Vancouver!

If you are searching for vasectomy in Williams Lake, BC then you may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by taking the short drive to see us at one of our locations at Pollock Clinics.

Contact us now for more information, or go ahead and register online.


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