When to Circumcise Your Baby – Why It Matters

 If you live in Vancouver, you may have recently seen us in the Metro that featured a baby guide for new parents. We received many phone calls requesting a copy of the article as they found it to be a very useful resource. Thus, we are posting the article below and if you have any questions about circumcision invite you to contact our office.

Whether for health, religious or cultural reasons, many newborn parents across North America choose to circumcise their newborn son, which is a minor procedure where the foreskin is removed.

Some of the major health reasons include protection against HIV/AIDS, penile cancer, sexually transmitted infections, infant kidney infections, and improved lifetime genital cleanliness, just to name a few.

What’s the Best Age for Infant Circumcision?

No matter what your reasons are, the best time to circumcise your son is in the first two months of delivery, preferably in the first two weeks according to Dr. Jack Chang, a physician at Pollock Clinics in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Jack Chang works with Dr. Neil Pollock who founded Pollock Clinics and together they perform the most newborn circumcisions in BC. They also perform vasectomies for men who feel they have completed their families. Together, they have been involved in international missions all over the world mostly in third-world countries where they teach and provide both procedures pro bono.

Benefits of Circumcision

Recently, the benefits of circumcision have been affirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In 2012, the organization issued a statement that the health benefits of circumcision outweighed the risks.

The Canadian Pediatrics Society also acknowledges the potential benefits of the procedure, but does not go so far as to recommend routine circumcision for newborns yet.

The Newborn Circumcision Procedure

For most newborn parents who have decided to circumcise their son, it is important to understand what measures are taken to the ensure safety, comfort and analgesia of their baby boy. The physicians at Pollock Clinics use the Pollock Technique™ for newborn circumcision, a technique safely performed on over 50,000 newborns to date.

The Pollock Circumcision Method

Highlights of this technique include pain relief using multiple strategies including administration of oral Tylenol, application of topical freezing cream, soothing with a sugar ball and provision of long acting local anesthetic. Calming music is played throughout the procedure and optimal room temperatures are maintained.

The procedure takes only 30 to 60 seconds for newborns, 10 times faster than most hospital circumcisions.

Healing and recovery are just as quick.

“While it can take a newborn up to four weeks to heal completely, most newborns show signs complete healing only after one week,” says Chang. “Newborns heal quickly and are uniquely adapted to handle stress. It is the window of opportunity for circumcision and postponing it to later age increase the complexity, risk and cost.”

Dr. Pollock adds, “Foreskin-associated diseases, including kidney infections and local penile problems also begin in the newborn period and early circumcision as a newborn offers maximum permanent preventive health benefits.”

Post Circumcision Care

The clinic’s two experienced doctors offer 24/7 aftercare at the clinic’s two locations in Vancouver and New Westminster. Appointments are available within days.

To learn more, including circumcision that is now available for older boys up to adults, please read more on this site, or contact us today.