Vasectomy Reversal Pricing & FAQ

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Vasectomy Reversal Cost in BC

Price for vasectomy reversal cost in vancouver

Vasectomy reversals are not covered by the B.C. Medical Services Plan.

Vasectomy reversals at Pollock Clinics are paid directly by our clients.

The cost of a vasectomy reversal is $8000.

Reversal procedures are performed in a full operating theater by Dr. Ryan Flannigan, a subspecialized male reproductive microsurgeon.

Vasectomy Reversal FAQ

How effective are vasectomy reversals?

Conventional vasectomy reversals where the two ends of the vas tube are connected can be successful in as high as 90 % of cases.

In cases, where secondary blockage occurs in the epididymis, conventional vasectomy reversal will not work, but a highly specialized procedure connecting the vas tube to the epididymis is successful in up to 50% of cases.

How long after the procedure can we begin trying to get pregnant?

Men may begin to have intercourse and ejaculate starting 4 weeks after the procedure.

Sperm has been shown to appear in the ejaculate typically within 1-3 months of regular vasectomy reversals, and 4 months if the more intricate LIVE technique is required.


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What other options exist to have children after vasectomy?

Beyond vasectomy reversal, some couples may wish to proceed with in vitro fertilization (IVF-ICSI). This involves retrieving sperm from the epididymis or testicle, to then inject into your partner’s egg. This may be the best option for some couples but is more costly than vasectomy reversal. If this is the best decision for you and your partner, we are happy to coordinate a visit with an IVF center, and retrieve sperm for IVF.

Can I freeze sperm at the time of vasectomy reversal as a back-up?

Yes, if you inform Dr. Flannigan and the clinic at the time of consultation, this can be arranged. A small testis biopsy may be performed at the time of vasectomy reversal, that is then frozen (cryopreserved) and can potentially be used for IVF-ICSI down the road, if there are troubles having a natural pregnancy. The advantages, are potentially preventing a second procedure. The disadvantages are the freezing and storage costs at the chosen fertility center.

Is there any discomfort?

You won’t experience any discomfort during the procedure as it is performed under a general anesthetic (you will be asleep). However, following the surgery, you will have some discomfort which typically lasts for a few weeks and becomes better with time.

Will a vasectomy reversal change the amount of seminal fluid ejaculated?

No. The sperm only accounts for approximately 1% of the semen volume. The prostate and seminal vesicle make up the vast majority of the volume and will be unchanged following the procedure.

How soon can I go back to work?

If you have a desk job, you may feel ready to return to work within approximately 1 week. If you have a physically demanding job, you may require up to 3 weeks to heal. Please let our office know if you need a note to excuse you from work duties to safely heal after your vasectomy reversal.

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