Vasectomy – True or False? Common Myths

Vasectomy – True or False? Common Myths

So, is there anything funny about vasectomies? We’re not talking ‘accidental funny’ here, either. What strikes us as somewhat hilarious about the procedure are the excuses guys will come up with to avoid even discussing one. Vasectomy myths abound.  Let’s face it, there has never been a husband or boyfriend who has ever said something along the lines of, “I’m off to town, sweetheart. I’ll pick up some eggs on my way back from my vasectomy at the clinic.”

However, there is a growing trend where vasectomies are slowly moving from the territory of joke material to serious conversation material. It has little to do with vasectomy cost and much more to do with moral obligations and guys just trying to do the right thing. Maybe that was what Neil Armstrong was saying on the Moon about taking a small step and turning it into a giant leap. With this in mind, here are some of the excuses we’ve heard.

Vasectomy Myth 1 – It’s Gonna Hurt Like Hell

The surgery itself is a snap. Well, more accurately a couple of snips but it can be done in the office and completed in a matter of minutes. There’s a local anesthetic used to numb you with a no needle device (possibly this is where the phrase numb nuts came from) and all you need to do is take it easy for seven to ten days. Use ice, don’t run a marathon and stay away from the ladies and you’ll be fine by Day Ten. There is a extremely small chance of infection, bleeding or pain – about 1 to 2 percent – as this is surgery we’re talking about. But the odds are in your favour that you won’t see or feel anything significant.

Vasectomy Myth 2 – It’s Gonna Kill My Sex Drive

This seems to be the biggest fear of the average guy. It’s also the average fear of the biggest guys. The thought of having your “man zone” played with in any way with sharp objects cutting, snipping and tying anything sounds – quite honestly – freakin’ scary.  However, the truth is that all that is being changed is the ammunition not the equipment. There is no change to arousal, erection, or ejaculation – only your semen will no longer have sperm in it!

Vasectomy Myth 3 – It’s Gonna Cost Me A Bundle

When it comes to a vasectomy in Vancouver some guys tend to look at it as a cost issue.  Sure, you might be spending a few hundred dollars for the procedure. However, we like to look at a vasectomy as something that produces a strong return on investment. It is well known that other forms of contraception over a lifetime is significantly costlier. We are also thinking about how having to hunt down a condom can really spoil the mood and kick the air out of spontaneity.  A single vasectomy is roughly the same cost as one year’s supply of condoms. The vasectomy is a one time cost. You do the math.

Vasectomy Myth 4 – It’s Gonna Crimp My Style

Could someone actually explain this one to us? The strongest reason why you should consider a vasectomy is because it will do anything but affect the effect you have on the ladies. The effectiveness of a vasectomy is incredible. Following a procedure you stand a less than one percent chance of being the cause of a pregnancy. That’s actually far better odds than using birth control pills or condoms. This is why we like this slogan: “Stop World Overpopulation and Hunger – Get a Vasectomy!”

Vasectomy Myth 5 – It’s Gonna Ruin My Golf Game

There is no proof whatsoever. If anything, your sporting life will have no side effects. If anything, a vasectomy could improve your self-confidence – particularly when things get heated and you don’t need to worry about causing an unintended pregnancy. We’re not suggesting a vasectomy is going to suddenly turn you into a babe magnet, but you can bet once you share that tidbit of information it’s not going to repel any of them. In fact, think of what you can tell the guys if suddenly your game improves after you’ve had a vasectomy?

Vasectomy Myth 6 – It’s Gonna Make Things Complicated

We would just consider this an excuse and have heard it in our office once or twice. There is nothing about a vasectomy that requires you to read a 100-page study manual to figure out. You just have to relax, think about something that makes you happy and before you know it, the procedure is done. No overnight stay, no significantly extra days off work and no getting out of the family event you were trying to avoid. Plus, you don’t have to work on planning an alibi for why you need to spend so much time on the couch in sweat pants with ice on your crotch. We’ve got you covered on that one.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

At Pollock Clinics we perform several vasectomies in the average year so we’ve heard a lot of different excuses. They typically revolve around fear of the surgery and fear of the vasectomy cost. All you have to do if you have any questions about a vasectomy, is contact our office today. Schedule an appointment with one of the professionals at Pollock Clinics to review the procedure and discuss your concerns.

There is nothing we haven’t heard before and we have all the answers that will put your mind at ease about this simple, yet so important medical procedure. The facts outweigh the myths when it comes to the effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of a vasectomy. Regardless of your reasons for this procedure, we look forward to seeing you and going over your treatment plan. Book your appointment today by calling the Pollock Clinics at 604-717-6200 and find out why we encourage you to get a vasectomy!

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About the Author:

Jack Chang, MD, is a graduate of Yale University and the University of British Columbia Medical School. After completing his postgraduate training in Prince George, BC, he started his career serving rural and remote communities in BC, Yukon, and Nunavut before joining Pollock Clinics in 2014. Dr. Chang is a veteran of multiple No-Scalpel Vasectomy International (NSVI) medical missions, providing free vasectomies in developing countries such as Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines to alleviate poverty through family planning. Dr. Chang also trains international physicians from around the world as part of the NSVI missions. He performs circumcisions using both the Pollock Technique™ and the Shang Ring technique. Dr Chang trained in China with the developers of the Shang Ring method and directed the licensing of the Shang Ring through Health Canada and performed the first case of Shang Ring circumcision in Canada. He continues to lead the introduction of this adult circumcision method in North America. He is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents.