The Pollock Clinics’ Guide to the Most Innovative Penis Enlargement Programs

With advancements in dermal fillers, regenerative medicine, and neuromodulators, we have seen a breakthrough in non-surgical penis enlargement and enhancement, and Pollock Clinics is at the forefront of these new innovations.

Size Does Matter

Many men seek solutions for smaller penis size, as studies show that penile girth is what is most desirable for men in terms of appearance and also in their intimate relations. These men may be frustrated with a penis they feel is not living up to their standard, and may also believe that a larger penis would help them feel more confident inside and outside the bedroom.
Sexual intimacy is important for stronger relationships

The Pollock Clinics “Walk In and Walk Out” Penis Enlargement Program

Luckily, Pollock Clinics have put together an innovative approach that enables these men to enlarge their penis through a non-invasive “lunch time” procedure, with results that can be seen immediately. No surgery is necessary, and downtime is minimal. These programs include:

Using a proprietary technique and hybrid dermal filler formulation, this solution offers a natural feeling and appearance with results that can last up to 1.5-2 years. Dermal penis filler injections using products such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or both, help increase the thickness (girth) of both the erect and flaccid penis. What men like about it is that results can be seen immediately. As an added bonus, being naturally produced by the body, side effects of the substance are rare, and the procedure is reversible by dissolving the filler if ever this is desired.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment can improve overall sexual performance in men and promotes regeneration of penile nerves and blood vessels by releasing growth factors such as insulin growth factor (IGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The treatment itself is virtually painless. The PRP procedure involves harvesting and re-injecting one’s own platelets containing growth factors into the penis, which also means side effects of the substance are very rare. Patients are expected to perform penis pumping exercises for at least 6 weeks to achieve a penis size gain.

The combination of both programs allows penis enhancement to be performed from the “inside” and the “outside” for those who wish to fully maximize all available non-invasive options to augment their penis size.

With dermal penis filler, the weight of the filler can also create a scaffolding effect to further enhance the length, predominantly for “shrinkers” (men who have retraction of their penis when flaccid). In addition to potential penis augmentation, men who have PRP often report stronger erections and greater sensitivity and feel they have “rejuvenated” their penis.

Typically, filler treatment will only be applied after 6 weeks of penis pumping and PRP, as pumping is not recommended once filler has been placed in the penis.

Low testosterone issues

To determine which penis enlargement program works best for you, schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with Pollock Clinics and get ready to EXPERIENCE A BIGGER, THICKER, VERSION OF YOU™