What is the History of Penis Enlargement & What Have People Tried?

Wanting a bigger penis isn’t anything new. While some trends come and go, penis size has been a symbol throughout history, even dating back to ancient times.

Which begs the question: What is the history of penis enlargement? What male enhancement exercises have people tried in the past? And, more importantly, what methods are available today?

Let’s trace back the societal and cultural history around penis enlargement and find out how we evolved from venomous snake bite rituals to proprietary clinical techniques:

What is the History of Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement isn’t a modern concept. While safe, effective methods are relatively new, we can date attempts of male enhancement exercises back to ancient societies throughout the world, from Ancient Egypt to Peruvian and African tribes.

Before we explore these, it’s important to ask why: Why have men tried to increase penis size for thousands of years?

The Symbolism of Penis Size in Ancient Culture & Society

Fertility & Masculinity

Penis size has stood as a symbol throughout cultures, even dating back to Ancient Egypt. Min, the Egyptian god of fertility, power, and manliness, was depicted with a large erect penis. Ancient Greeks and Romans depicted Priapus, a fertility god, the same

Many paintings and literature throughout history and cultures portray the penis as a symbol of masculinity and fertility. Gods, heroes, and subjects were often depicted far above the average size, making it a symbol of their power.

Attraction & Mating

Some research shows that penis size has evolved throughout history. This means penis size played a factor in attraction and mating years ago. As a result, we can believe men developed male enhancement exercises to make them appear more desirable to their partners and increase their self-esteem.

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Penis Enlargement Methods Throughout History

Penis enlargement methods have rapidly advanced in the last 50 years. But what did we use before today’s proprietary techniques? Let’s explore some of the interesting male enhancement exercises and treatments used throughout history:

  • Poisonous Snake Bites
    Unlike today’s penis enlargement methods, past techniques were painful and often ended in infections. Back in the 16th century, history reveals Brazilians of the Topinama tribe used poisonous snake bites to increase their size. The venom would cause the penis to enlarge and swell.
  • Piercings
    Men of the Dayak tribe in Borneo enhanced their penises with piercings. The men would attach decorative items within the piercings to please their partners during intercourse.
  • Penis Weights
    In ancient times, men throughout India, Africa, and Peru attached weights with hopes of lengthening their penis size. This method is somewhat similar to today’s male enhancement exercises and penis traction devices used to stretch the shaft.
  • Male Enhancement Exercises: Jelqing
    Jelqing is a male enhancement exercise still practiced today. Originating centuries ago in early Arabic regions, jelqing is a manual (and less painful) technique for increasing penis size.
    To practice jelqing male enhancement exercises, a man will use repetitive stroking and squeezing exercises on the flaccid penis to increase blood flow and stretch the skin. The idea is to create “micro-tears” that cause the penis to appear bigger and inflamed. While it’s still a popular male enhancement exercise today, there is no significant evidence showing its effectiveness.

Penis Enlargement: Where Are We Today?

Fortunately, men don’t have to endure poison and piercings to boost their size. While phallic myths and legends have faded, the symbolism of penis size still exists. Many TV shows, movies, music, art, literature, and stand-up comedy continue to put size at the center of attention.

As a result? Men today continue to equate size with masculinity, self-esteem, and sexual capacity.

Why Men are Choosing Penis Enlargement in 2023

Most men aren’t just seeking an increase in size but an increase in confidence. This added self-esteem can transform their lives, helping reduce performance anxiety, “locker room syndrome,” and low self-image.

Fortunately, today’s safe and effective penis enlargement methods offer proven and often painless results, such as:

  • Increased girth and/or length
  • Strengthened confidence
  • Improved performance
  • Longer sex and stronger erections
  • Enhanced satisfaction for both partners
  • Instant results with little to no downtime

Modern Penis Enlargement Methods: Dermal Fillers

Penis enlargement methods have evolved and advanced throughout the centuries. Today, clinical experts and practitioners in men’s health have developed methods to make penis enlargement safer, better, and more effective than ever before.

What are Dermal Penis Fillers?

Dermal penis fillers have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years — and for good reason.

Dermal penis fillers use the same proven approach as cosmetic fillers. A doctor will use a high-quality mixture of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite: Two of the most researched and recommended fillers in the industry.

Using a strategic method, they’ll carefully inject the filler into the shaft and/or head, completing the simple procedure in less than an hour.
The result is a virtually painless procedure with instant results and little to no downtime.

Research shows the majority of men (and their partners) are satisfied with their results, even six months after the procedure.

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