No Scalpel Vasectomy Mission in the Philippines

No Scalpel Vasectomy Mission in the Philippines

No Scalpel Vasectomy International, Inc. (NSVI) is a non-profit organization that provides no scalpel vasectomies at no charge. Dr. Jack Chang of Pollock Clinics is a long time member and just recently returned from the latest mission in February 2017.

Importance of Vasectomy

The poverty facing families in many developing nations, such as the Philippines or Haiti, drives NSVI’s mission. Without means of affordable, reliable family planning, more are caught in the cycle and overcrowding grows at alarming rates. No Scalpel Vasectomy International coordinates the efforts of physicians who donate their time to perform vasectomies free of charge.

Dr. Chang and medical staff at no scalpel vasectomy mission in Philippines

The value of this effort greatly contributes to a better quality of life and addresses the secondary issue of overcrowding in this already impoverished country.

It is often difficult for families to afford and acquire reliable methods of birth control. Tubal ligation is a much more complex operation than vasectomy. Though culturally the concept of vasectomy can be challenging, more and more men are overcoming those concerns to meet the needs of their families.

No Scalpel Technique

Dr. Chang is considered an expert in No Scalpel No Needle vasectomy around the world. In addition to his work at the Pollock Clinics, he trains international physicians and volunteers for and donates to NSVI.

A no scalpel vasectomy is simple procedure using a single puncture, instead of multiple incisions as is traditionally used in hospital procedures. A local anesthesia is used, there are no stitches to manage during recovery and the operation takes under an hour.

Dr. Chang and the other physicians work with in-service staff from NSVI’s main hub in Cebu, Philippines. They flew into Manila and coordinated the schedule with participating doctors. The goal was to for the team to complete 400 vasectomies over the course of the mission. That’s 50 procedures for each physician. It’s a lot of work but the team was energized and enthusiastic – and got the job done.

Philanthropic Solutions

The Philippines is a small country but the population density is extreme. There are literally 100 million people living in roughly 115,831 square miles. That’s less than half the size of Texas. The work done by NSVI volunteers like Dr. Chang and others have a significant impact. Vasectomy is a simple and permanent method of family planning.

Men who make the decision to have the procedure are comfortable with the number of children they have. Providing for their families becomes more manageable. With no change in libido or testosterone levels, the benefits of the procedure become more apparent. Men are gradually and consistently overcoming cultural concerns to see the value in vasectomy.

If not for the efforts of NSVI, and the medical practitioners who volunteer their time and expertise, most of these families would not have the means to afford it. Plus the design of the program includes education and outreach by men who have successfully undergone the procedure.

Donations Welcome

The Philippines vasectomy mission run by NSVI is offered as a public service – free of charge to men who come to the clinic. None of the doctors are paid for their time. But donations do help cover the travel costs and accommodations for the visiting physicians. You can make a tax-deductible donation here and help to support the work of Dr. Chang and the mission of NSVI.

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About the Author:

Jack Chang, MD, is a graduate of Yale University and the University of British Columbia Medical School. After completing his postgraduate training in Prince George, BC, he started his career serving rural and remote communities in BC, Yukon, and Nunavut before joining Pollock Clinics in 2014. Dr. Chang is a veteran of multiple No-Scalpel Vasectomy International (NSVI) medical missions, providing free vasectomies in developing countries such as Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines to alleviate poverty through family planning. Dr. Chang also trains international physicians from around the world as part of the NSVI missions. He performs circumcisions using both the Pollock Technique™ and the Shang Ring technique. Dr Chang trained in China with the developers of the Shang Ring method and directed the licensing of the Shang Ring through Health Canada and performed the first case of Shang Ring circumcision in Canada. He continues to lead the introduction of this adult circumcision method in North America. He is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents.