Circumcision Clinic for Langley Patients

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Pollock Clinics in New Westminster or Vancouver provide safe and gentle circumcision for male newborns, as well as older boys, teenagers and men. Using the specialized Pollock Technique™, a circumcision at our clinics is virtually painless and 10 times faster than the same procedure at a local hospital.

Langley BC parents find safe, gentle circumcision at pollock clinicsCircumcisions for males from Langley are performed at our offices in New Westminster or Vancouver.

Circumcision is a simple procedure in which the foreskin that sheathes the head of the penis is removed. Since foreskin traps bacteria and other infectious agents, its removal may improve genital hygiene and reduce risk of disease over the lifetime of the boy and his future sexual partners.

For new parents, circumcision is a personal decision, sometimes with religious or cultural implications. The recommended age for neonatal circumcision is 10 days to two weeks old. There’s no need for a doctor’s referral and appointments are typically available within 2 or 3 days.

60-Second Circumcision for Infants

The Pollock Technique™ is a unique method that uses a long-lasting, local anesthetic and a Mogen clamp. The procedure takes less than a minute for infants and under ten minutes for older boys or adults.

Parents are always welcome to stay with their child during the procedure if they choose. The room is warm, soothing music is played and a sugar pacifier for your baby helps to reduce any discomfort.

Langley patients can register online or call us at  604-717-6200.

Pollock Clinics has changed the standard of circumcision care in British Columbia, performing over two-thirds of the procedures in the Lower Mainland.

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Though circumcision is commonly thought to be limited to infants, boys, teens or men may also be interested in the procedure for personal or medical reasons. We’re prepared to help Langley patients of any age go through the operation with as little anxiety or discomfort as possible.

Quick Trip from Langley

Travel time from Langley to our clinic in Vancouver or New Westminster will vary depending on time of day, but shouldn’t be more than a half hour.

Our circumcision procedure is fast and painless. Patients are normally on their way home within an hour.

Once you arrive at your appointment, our staff will get you settled in and answer any questions you may have. The doctors at the Pollock Clinic are clinical instructors at UBC Faculty of Medicine. They have a rich experience in performing circumcision and teach world wide.

Common Reasons for Circumcision

Parents who choose circumcision for their newborn are often guided by their religious or cultural heritage. But the procedure has health benefits as well. Because bacteria can build up under the foreskin, the procedure is proven to reduce urinary tract infections or bladder infections. Good hygiene is easier to maintain as your son grows.

pollock clinics circumcision for babies boys teens and men

Circumcised men have shown reduced risk of penile cancer, prostate cancer and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. For males with phimosis – an extreme tightening of the foreskin – circumcision is often the recommended treatment.

Circumcised men are also less likely to carry the human papillomavirus, significantly reducing the risk of cervical cancer for female sexual partners.

Quality of Care

As with any surgical procedure, there can be risks, but the Pollock Technique™ is an innovative method of circumcision that is changing quality of care across British Columbia. Unlike traditional procedures, our methods are minimally intrusive and have a very low rate of surgical complication.

Our physicians have performed thousands of circumcisions. Our staff will make sure you feel comfortable managing at-home after-care.  You’re always welcome to call if you have questions or concerns.

No Delay for Langley Patients

We have two convenient clinic locations, in New Westminster and Vancouver.  With multiple surgical rooms at each, we can easily accommodate procedures within days of your request. You can register to complete the paperwork online ahead of your appointment or just call us at  604-717-6200 to schedule a circumcision.

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