Feel Younger and Healthier with Testosterone Optimization Therapy

Men facing low testosterone levels can now seek Pollock Clinics for state-of-the-art testosterone optimization therapy. Pollock Clinics can help men experience an increase in vitality and a more youthful outlook as they progress in age.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen, or reproductive hormone, produced by the gonads—a male’s testicles or a female’s ovaries. While present in everyone, far greater levels of testosterone are produced in men than in women.

As a result of aging or certain health conditions, one’s testosterone levels can drop below normal levels. Men with symptoms of testosterone deficiency should book a consultation and undergo blood tests to determine their testosterone level.

How to Know If Your Testosterone Levels Are Low

If you think you may be experiencing low testosterone (also known as hypogonadism or hypoandro­genism), you must first take a blood test to know for sure. Regarding symptoms of low testosterone, fatigue is a telltale sign. Since your testosterone spikes in the morning and then trends down, if you’re already low, you’re going to feel it even more by the evening.

Other common symptoms include:

  • A dramatic decrease in sexual drive and sexual thoughts
  • Softer erections
  • Difficulty orgasming and/or lower orgasm intensity
  • A lack of focus and mental sharpness
  • An inability to gain strength or muscle (and even muscle loss) for those who exercise and lift weights consistently

To restore low testosterone to optimal levels, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be recommended.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Testosterone replacement therapy is the supervised usage of testosterone-boosting products to treat andropause, testosterone deficiency, and male hypogonadism.

It is a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that is prescribed to men who suffer from low levels of testosterone, either because the testes do not produce enough testosterone or because the body cannot process it effectively.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

You need to have low levels of testosterone—less than 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL)—and several symptoms listed above to get a prescription for TRT. A simple blood test measures testosterone levels: several tests are usually required, as levels can fluctuate daily and be influenced by medication and diet.

Advanced Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Pollock Clinics

If you and your doctor think testosterone replacement therapy is right for you, Pollock Clinics offers the following at their Vancouver and New Westminster clinics locations:

Testosterone Subcutaneous Injection
Microdosing via a subcutaneous route leads to improved pharmacokinetics and ensures a stable release of hormones. This treatment can decrease the differences between the peaks and the troughs, resulting in stable daily levels of testosterone.

Human Choriogonadotropin (HCG) Injection
HCG functions as a luteinizing hormone analogue and allows for hormonal replacement. This more closely approximates male physiology when combined with testosterone. Only low doses administered subcutaneously are required. HCG remains the only Health Canada approved non-testosterone treatment option for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

Daily Topical Application
Men who don’t want to inject can apply topical testosterone 1% gel (Androgel 1% pump). It consists of daily administration of the gel to the upper arms and shoulders or abdomen.

Other Program Prescriptions
Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) are a class of medications that block the feedback of estradiol on receptors in the pituitary gland. This causes increased production of LH and FSH which then stimulate endogenous testosterone production within the testicles.

Aromatase Inhibitors (AI) are a class of medications which block aromatase, the key enzyme in the liver and adipose tissue responsible for converting testosterone into Estradiol. This treatment allows for less estradiol produced throughout tissues in the body and elevates levels of testosterone.

Don’t let low testosterone levels get you down. Request an appointment with Pollock Clinics and learn how Advanced Testosterone Replacement therapy can improve your drive, from the boardroom to the bedroom.