The P-Shot – PRP Therapy for BC Men

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ed shot in vancouverThe P-Shot is a simple injection which can restore healthy sexual function for men by increasing blood flow to the penis.

For men with diminished sexual function due to prostate cancer, enlarged prostate or diabetes, or other reasons, the P-Shot is new treatment option with proven results and minimal risk.

Plasma-rich-platelet therapy (PRP) has also been a successful treatment modality in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and sports medicine. There are promising scientific data that show the potential ability of PRP in promoting more effective erections.

How the P-Shot Works

The P-Shot is a procedure which uses platelet rich plasma (PRP)- drawn from your own blood – to treat erectile dysfunction. The injection floods the penis with regenerative cells that immediately begin revitalizing muscle, tissue and nerves.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common, affecting nearly 40% of men over the age of 40. Left untreated, ED can have significant impact on a man’s relationship, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

The P-shot is a simple, near painless injection that increases blood flow to the penis offers men a return to spontaneous sexual arousal and response.

The platelets in the injection attract reparative stem cells that immediately begin the restoration process for penile muscle and tissue.

PRP injections carry no heart-related risks, an important differentiator from the most common pharmaceutical options.

PRP therapy has no impact on your medications or health conditions. If you’re treating low testosterone or taking blood thinners, there’s no chance of side effects or interactions that could harm your health.

The doctors at Pollock Clinics are trained, certified to administer this new treatment.


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The P-Shot Treatment Procedure at Pollock Clinics

where to get the p shot in bcThe P-Shot is created from the patients own blood. The blood goes through a proprietary process to separate the platelets into a concentrated plasma – Platelet Rich Plasma.

These platelets are used for the PRP injection. The P-Shot delivers at least seven different growth factors which stimulate the cells, collagen and blood vessels to rejuvenate tissue for quick benefits.

PRP injections give every man, regardless of their health condition, the chance to restore the self-confidence that comes with healthy sexually function.

PRP injections are an excellent choice for men with health conditions that are risk factors for pharmaceuticals. Men with heart disease, high blood pressure or liver and kidney disease finally have an option for renewing sexual relations (as advised by their doctor.)

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you arrive, our staff will take to a consultation room to draw your blood. Patients can return to the waiting area while we process the plasma. The entire process will take roughly 30 minutes.

When the plasma is ready, the staff will return you to the consultation room. Patients will remove their clothing below the waist and lie on the table.

We will apply a numbing cream to the genital area. Once the area is frozen, you may feel a slight pinch as the doctor injects the reparative cells along the shaft of the penis.

The injections take about 5 minutes and the procedure is complete. There’s no recovery period – no post-operative care. PRP injections are so simple and non-invasive that normal activities – including sex – can continue without downtime.


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Benefits of the P-Shot

The biggest benefit of a PRP injection is that there are no known risk factors, complications or side effects from the treatment.

The P-Shot naturally increases vascular formation and improves the health of erectile tissue. It can also be used to increase the effectiveness of PDES inhibitors.

For men with Peyronie’s disease (an abnormal curvature of the penis) the P-Shot has been shown to help straighten the penis shaft, allowing for better penetration during intercourse.

The P-Shot can work for any man with diminished sexual function – even those with health conditions that have limited their options in the past. PRP injections are safe and approved by Health Canada.

The benefits of PRP Therapy can include:

  • Erections achieved and maintained during intercourse
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Restored intimacy in relationships
  • Spontaneous response to sexual desire

Vancouver P-Shot PRP Injection FAQ

Not long at all. Plan on roughly 45 minutes at our office, including time for collection and processing the blood, letting the anesthesia take effect, the injection and aftercare instructions.
You will need to tell us about your symptoms, but the level of detail you provide is up to you. Do what’s comfortable. We do want to emphasize that discussing sexual dysfunction with your doctor is perfectly normal and healthy.
You’ll feel a pinch and a bit of pressure as the platelets are injected. Once the numbing cream is applied, men barely register the injection.
Some men experience improvements almost immediately after their P-Shot. Typically, our patients should expect to see improvements within days. A second shot may be necessary for men who don’t achieve desired effect after 8 weeks. Our doctor will discuss any issue that maybe specific to your condition.
No. Many men find the P-Shot a simple and natural way to improve or enhance the size and girth of their erections. PRP treatments may also increase sexual pleasure and sensation.
We recommend our patients receive annual shots to maintain the optimal sexual wellness and function.

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