World Vasectomy Day – BC Men Wanted!

World Vasectomy Day – BC Men Wanted!


At Pollock Clinics we are excited to announce our participation in this years World Vasectomy Day 2016 based in Kenya where men all over the world will be coming together in providing an “act of love” for their partners. During last year’s World Vasectomy Day based in Bali, Indonesia, over 3000 vasectomies were performed in 32 countries by some 500 providers.

This year, I will be flying to Kenya to participate in a medical mission based in Nairobi through No-Scalpel Vasectomy International to offer vasectomy for men who would like to protect their families from the risk of unintended pregnancies. This means that I will also be on site live during World Vasectomy Day in Nairobi. During that particular day, there will be live streaming with vasectomy providers from all over the world as they share their experience and knowledge of vasectomy.

Our Vancouver Vasectomy Clinic in the Event Finale

Pollock Clinics here in Vancouver has been chosen to be the finale of the event based on our strong reputation for being expert providers in North America with one of the highest volume of men choosing vasectomy. Dr. Pollock will be in Vancouver while I will be in Kenya, and we will be interacting through intermittent live feeds between Nairobi and Vancouver. Our goal is do 50 vasectomies that day in Vancouver as part of the larger goal of celebrating men who are stepping up to protect their wives and the future of our planet. We anticipate that over 5000 vasectomies will be performed around the world that day.

Fore more information about World Vasectomy Day, we invite you do visit or watch the following animation produced last year.



If you would like to participate and be a part of World Vasectomy Day and have your vasectomy be a part of history, we invite you to call our office and we would be thrilled to have your participation. You do NOT need to do any interviews that you do not wish to participate in although if you would like to express your views on your journey towards choosing vasectomy you will be welcome to do so (let us know and we can set something up for you). We are also looking for men who simply like the idea of having their vasectomy done on World Vasectomy Day. Help us make history and be a part of it!


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-Dr. Jack Chang, MD

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About the Author:

Jack Chang, MD, is a graduate of Yale University and the University of British Columbia Medical School. After completing his postgraduate training in Prince George, BC, he started his career serving rural and remote communities in BC, Yukon, and Nunavut before joining Pollock Clinics in 2014. Dr. Chang is a veteran of multiple No-Scalpel Vasectomy International (NSVI) medical missions, providing free vasectomies in developing countries such as Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines to alleviate poverty through family planning. Dr. Chang also trains international physicians from around the world as part of the NSVI missions. He performs circumcisions using both the Pollock Technique™ and the Shang Ring technique. Dr Chang trained in China with the developers of the Shang Ring method and directed the licensing of the Shang Ring through Health Canada and performed the first case of Shang Ring circumcision in Canada. He continues to lead the introduction of this adult circumcision method in North America. He is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents.