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For men in Abbotsford, the Pollock Clinic in New Westminster provides safe, fast and virtually painless vasectomy.  The Pollock Clinics are renown for a No Scalpel, No-Needle procedure with a success rate of better than 99.9%,  among the highest in North America.

If you are considering vasectomy or would like a consultation before scheduling an appointment, call us today at 604-717-6200.  

abbotsford patients get vasectomy services at Pollock ClinicVasectomy is the most affordable and effective solution for family planning. Sperm is produced in the testicles. The sperm travels from each testes through a tube (called vas) to circle the prostrate and eventually form the urethra. When the tubes from each testicle are severed, there is no sperm in the ejaculate, just semen.

By blocking the delivery of sperm, the procedure prevents pregnancy.  No sperm, no possibility for a fertilized egg.

No matter how safe and effective, we know that vasectomy can be a sensitive topic for our patients.  Our staff is prepared to answer all questions and the entire procedure takes less than an hour – from the time you arrive to the time you head home.

Abbotsford patients can visit the nearest clinic in New Westminster. When you choose our pivate vasectomy service, your only trip to the clinic is the day of your procedure.

One thing you’ll appreciate about the Pollock Clinic is the expertise of our physicians. Doctor Pollock and Doctor Chang are world experts on vasectomy and circumcision. Both doctors maintain teaching positions at the University of British Columbia and travel the globe to give workshops and support to other medical providers.

No-Scalpel Technique

Our surgical approach is chosen to minimize discomfort and expedite recovery. Unlike a traditional procedures that require two incisions with a scalpel, our methodology uses a single puncture – just a few millimetres in size at the base of the penis or scrotum.  The opening is spread gently to access both vas deferens.

In traditional hospital procedures, a scalpel is used to make two cuts to scrotum that need to be stitched closed. Not only does the Pollock Clinic’s approach minimize discomfort during the procedure, but there’s no itchy stitches to deal with during your recovery period.

No-Needle Required

We incorporate the same concept in our practice for delivering anesthesia. Using the same puncture that allows us to access the vas deferens, we can distribute a long lasting anesthetic locally, without have to enter a vein.

no-needle vasectomy is virtually painless

The area is “frozen” so the patient feels nothing during the procedure. The no-needle technique eliminates any accidental puncture of vein, so the risk of bleeding and bruising is drastically reduced. Complications from vasectomies are rare, particularly  but all surgeries have some risk.

During your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you or your partner might have. If something comes up, just call 604-717-6200.

Many men are secretly worried that a vasectomy may affect their ability to perform sexually or their level of desire.  We understand the anxiety, but there’s nothing to worry about.  Your libido doesn’t change, nor do your testosterone levels. In fact, many men report an improvement in their sex lives once the worry of a potential pregnancy is removed.

You can be confident in your decision to have your vasectomy at the Pollock Clinics.

The first couple of days after your procedure, it’s suggested you take it easy.  If you’ve purchased the Premium Package, all your aftercare supplies are provided.  Some men have minimal discomfort or abdominal pain, other’s not as much. Use over the counter pain pills as needed and of course, you cab call us if you are concerned.

Please remember that vasectomy does not render you immediately sterile. There is existing sperm in your system, so when you begin having intercourse again, continue using birth control.

vasectomy is a safe effective way to prevent pregnancyVasectomy is a personal decision, often made as part of family planning or simply in culmination of desire not to have children. Either way, the Pollock Clinic is here to support you. We work with you and your partner or spouse to make sure all your questions are answered.

Though vasectomies can sometimes be reversed, we encourage you to consider this procedure a permanent commitment.

Reversal surgery can be expensive and the farther away from your original procedure, the less chance there is of success. You may want to consider storing sperm if you are uncertain. If you have doubts, we recommend you wait until you are certain that vasectomy is what’s best for you.

We welcome Abbotsford patients

Pollock Clinics has multiple surgical rooms. There’s no waiting or getting bumped because of an emergency. We can normally set up your appointment within days of your request. We’re committed to make this easy and comfortable. You can even fill out your paperwork ahead of time.

Come to the New Westminster location or schedule day trip for your procedure in our Vancouver office. Either way, you get the same great quality of care and personal attention that your procedure deserves.

Are you ready? Contact us right now. We look forward to seeing you.


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