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Over 35,000 circumcisions performed by our doctors.
Only 1 minute for a circumcision procedure.
Over 30,000 vasectomies performed by our doctors.
Only 10 minutes for a vasectomy procedure.

The Pollock Technique

Now available for newborns, older children, adolescents, & adults using the Pollock Technique. Our approach is faster than conventional hospital methods with improved cosmetic outcomes.

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Dr. Pollock’s procedure was quick and painless; his team was professional and reassuring. I don’t know why I was even worried.
Mike Westwood, Age 44
Had my vasectomy done by Dr. Chang few weeks ago. All I can say it was quick and easy. He was very gentle and professional and caring and skilled.
Roger A, Age 31
Dr. Chang was the doctor who performed the circumcision on my son. He was very professional, knowledgeable, but also very personable. Being first time parents, we were nervous about the procedure but Dr. Chang and the other staff set us at ease immediately.
Melissa Docherty
We had our son’s circumcision done by Dr. pollock . He is The Best ! We did our research and also was highly recommended by other Doctors. The staff were professional ,Super helpful and friendly !! We are so pleased with the results! Thank you Dr. pollock and staff !! We will be recommending you to everyone.

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