The Pollock Clinics have produced this medical video that demonstrates Dr. Pollock’s current surgical technique for a vasectomy procedure.

In this surgery shown live time with audio, Dr. Pollock demonstrates how to perform a virtually bloodless, painless, No-Scalpel, No-Needle Vasectomy.

With Dr. Pollock’s particular No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure, the risk of a vasectomy complication has been extremely low. Dr. Pollock uses the Open-ended approach which some studies have suggested reduces complications further and makes vasectomy reversal easier, should it be required later. Dr. Pollock is proud to report an outstanding success rate of better than 99.9% over the course of doing over fifteen thousand surgeries.

Anyone wishing a copy of this video can email or call the Pollock Clinics to order a copy, which many patients have found valuable to bring to their physicians so that they can study and then perform Dr. Pollock’s very successful technique.

Dr. Pollock continues to be an innovator on the cutting edge of medical developments and research. Pollock Clinics currently use the NO-NEEDLE ANESTHESIA TECHNIQUE. The video of this new procedure is now online.

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